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As experienced cruisers, we are always looking for a new party to join us and escort your group. We are NOT travel agents, but rather we like to call ourselves Travel Planners / Organizers / Escorts specializing in creating cruise adventures.


We endeavor to get the best pricing for everyone - whether it be a cruise quote or a shore excursion price. We are very personable, so call us and we would be happy to research anything and everything to do with cruising. It only takes a phone call and it’s free.

Please either; 


1. Contact us via phone +1-239-247-3800 (when on land)



2. Contact your chosen department directly:





3. Please fill in the form below with your questions or requests and we will get back to you. We are available 24 X 7.

Fun Fact: There is a cruise ship that runs between Stockholm (Capital of Sweden) and Helsinki (Capital of Finland) with the primary purpose of purchasing and consuming cheap alcohol.

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