Want to become part of The Cruise Duo? Then purchase a personalized Tote Bag or a Polo Shirt (as depicted below). More products are being added - so please return to this page.


Payment is made through PayPal and includes delivery to your home! E-mail us at: to place an order.

The Cruise Duo also has an 'exclusive' arrangement with John Agnesini of ShipTees to produce T-shirts, bags and other cruise wear and accessories for everyone!


So feel free to go to: 

to request a product (either your own design or one from his extensive catalog)!


Just mention "THE CRUISE DUO" and/or copy the attached decal and you will receive a special 15% DISCOUNT off the First Order you make. 

Cruise Duo Polo Shirt
Cruise Duo Tote Bag
Cruise Duo Zany Hat
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