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A Group Cruise

Want to cruise with friends, your affinity or church or social group? Then you’re at the right place! We are your "one stop" group cruise reservation service.

A Group Excursion

Having organized over 300 tours around the world, The Cruise Duo have tour operators waiting to make your shore excursion(s) most memorable at affordable prices!

We have the experience and expertise to organize everything from transport to your port of departure, a on-board meet ’n greet, cocktail parties, shore excursions and more.

A Group Cruise & Tour

Joining Existing Tour

We have access to tour operators globally and subject to availability, we can join you on existing tours from your ship or individually. Let The Cruise Duo take you away on unique fun tours.

What to consider when booking a ship for your tour

If you want to create your own Personalized Shore Excursions, totally customized, then place your trust to the experienced, quality and safety of Diamond Di Discoveries, Inc and The Cruise Duo. We offer you the best, unique private tours for cruise passengers at low cost prices. Contact us by e-mail (24X7) and we’ll respond - even if we are at sea!


  • Size, amenities and programs

  • Have group members sailed previously

  • Cruise length

  • Sailing destinations

  • Types of accommodation

  • Entertainment options

  • Onboard ambiance


The truth is, while Storm’n Norm & Diamond Di live in SW Florida, their ‘home’ is on a ship cruising somewhere around the globe where their love is to share the beauty, people and cultures of different parts of our world with you - our new found friends.

Fun Fact: The Cruise Ship “Oasis of the Seas” consumes more than 2400 US gallons of fuel per hour – Source Magazine

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